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Blue Airplane Junior Bedding set 100x140

We are excited that ‘SomeTimesSummer‘ is part of our bedding-collection. It comes in small series and is wonderfully personal.

Begitte Lynge Andersen and Julie Dausell both love to decorate. They are fascinated with quirky, funny little things. This product is made with joy, it is playful and unique. The designers describe the bed linen as an expression of ”the allure of the open road, freedom and excitement, family time in the caravan and bug hunting in uncharted territory”. You will find many beautiful friends in the grass: birds, ladybugs, butterflies, snails, strawberries and much more!

This duvet cover has two different sides. The set comes with a pillow-case, duvet-cover. It is packaged in a lovely storage-bag.

Designer:       Begitte Lynge Andersen and Julie Dausell

Brand:           Pernittengryn

Country:        Denmark

Material:        Hand-printed, 100% cotton

Dimensions:    Duvet cover 100x140cm pillow case 45x44cm + small bag to store the bed linen

Availability:   Last items !