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Nulle Chair Pillow

What Camila and Camila from the Danish brand Lucky Boy Sunday have created is unlike anything else. That is also why we like it so much at Rafa ! New in the family – Nulle Chair Pillow.  He looks so sad, isn’t ?

Made from 100% baby alpaca, making it irresistibly soft. The Lucky Boy Sunday company produces it, taking pride in their fair trade ethics and genuine commitments.  The choice of materials, local production resources, minimising the carbon footprint results in Fair Trade label. We are so proud to have in Rafa-kids collection this one of a kind pillow which will fit perfectly our R toddler bed !

Designers :     Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup

Brand:             Lucky Boy Sunday

Country:          Denmark

Material :         100% baby alpaca

Handmade in Bolivia. Filling: 100% polypropyl

Colour :          White & Grey

Dimension:     35cm

Availability:    IN STOCK