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Owl Wool Blanket orange

The refreshing colour of this blanket will lift up your mood. Owl on the Moon is a perfect choice if you would like to create a cheerful and sunny atmosphere in your kid’s room. It makes us smile and cuddle. Its big size (130 x 180 cm) makes it easy to wrap around you and your child.

The blanket is made by Finish family business whose history in the textile industry stretches back to their first factory in 1917. The weaving mill in Lapula and skilled crafters take care of the best quality. This product tells a story of true values and respect for craft and nature.

Did you know that: Wool can breathe and regulates the temperature? Keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool is a natural “high-performance” fabric – its naturally good for your skin and body. This material is antibacterial and durable. How do sheep do all that?

Designer:       Terese Bast

Brend:           Lapuan Kankurit

Country:         Finland

Material :       100% wool

Dimension:     130 x 180 cm

Availability:      SOLD OUT

Colours :        Orange with white