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Storage Basket White&Black M

Toys, blocks, clothes, hats, you know what we are talking about! They are all-around our children’s rooms. We were desperate to find something simple and stylish at the same time. Here they are, baskets that will store all your things simple and clean. The basket can be used all around your home, either as storage for clothes in the bathroom, a place to put magazines in the living room, or toys in the kids’ room. It’s very strong and easy to clean. 

All baskets are designed by two Finnish artists Minna Impiö and Mari Martikainen and hand made by women from local artist’s groups in Nairobi. Each of the baskets is unique and made out of sisal and plastic string.  Rafa-kids is proud to have this personal and handmade piece in their collection. It’s simple and modern look fits well in any interior with style.

Dimensions:    Handmade product and the size varies:  from 27 cm 32cm

Material:         Sisal and plastic string

Designer:       Minna Impiö and Mari Martikainen

Brand:           Mifuko

Country:        Design in Finland/ Hand Made in Nairobi

Colours :        white&black

Availability:     IN STOCK