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  • Interior Trend- Brown & Beige

    For generations, humans love the natural appeal of elements that make them feel calm and at peace. I believe that with natural ingredients, we can give our homes and garden the organic and trendy look that we desire.

  • New Season – New Trends – Beautiful Neutrals

    I’m writing this post with a cup of hot chocolate on my desk and candles burning away. As much as I like the long summer days, the Autumn season has so much to offer too….

  • Storage Ideas for Kid’s Room

    Most kids’ rooms are not the biggest in the house, which makes it extra challenging to accommodate smart storage. Plenty of LEGO blocks was our biggest struggle…

  • Into the Jungle – Dinosaur theme in children’s rooms

    I find it a bit difficult to accommodate the Dinosaur theme in children’s room without being too kitschy and tasteless. That’s why I want you to show a few fabulous modern examples of children’s rooms with this theme and give you some decorating tips.

  • Rafa-kids Limited edition XL shelf

    All natural shelf – a treat for your child’s room and a celebration of the most beautiful Nordic wood.

  • Minimal ZARA Home Kids

    I’m always enthusiastic when I see that you can propose something different for children’s room — no childish furniture or cartoon characters.

  • Toddler’s Play Room

    Rafa-kids imagine that the toddler table needs to be not only practical, good looking but also playful. What are your expectations ?

  • Chill zone for kids

    What do you think about modern take on Moroccan style, with Rafa-kids low to the ground A teen bed? I connected it all together with low baskets, rugs and floor pillows. It has warmed up the entire space.

  • Toddler’s Play Table

    The cute Luca on the pictures is not even two years old, so the bench is still too big for him to sit on! But just in a few years, he will be ready, and it will be perfect next to his bed as a side table, or a bench next to his first desk.

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