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  • Toddler Room Makeover with Mika

    I discovered a mom of two Mika on Instagram. On her account liep.et.to.the.moon she shares ideas how to decorate kids’ rooms. Lately she was busy with creating her 3 years olds son’s room, so I ask her if she could share with us some insides about it.

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  • Q&A – Victoria mom of three from Berlin, Germany

    Victoria style is cozy, timeless and modern. Her creativity and ideas how to decorate home never run out…..

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  • Q&A – Andrea mom of three from Galicia, Spain

    I’ve always wanted to get to know better the families who decide to invite Rafa-kids into their homes. It makes me so happy to see pictures of children’s rooms on Instagram with our furniture, but there is so much more behind a beautiful image.

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