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  • How to create a Minimal Bedroom

    How can we achieve bedroom in a minimal style? I think we receive so much information and stimulation during the day, that our body and mind desperately need rest at the end of the day …..

  • Rafa-kids NEW H WARDROBE : Let’s organize with style

    Children wardrobe is sadly almost always this bulky piece collecting dust in the corner of a room. We wanted to create something not only functional but also looking great and above all to be sure children will use it with joy!

  • Rafa-kids Limited edition XL shelf

    All natural shelf – a treat for your child’s room and a celebration of the most beautiful Nordic wood.

  • Toddler’s Play Room

    Rafa-kids imagine that the toddler table needs to be not only practical, good looking but also playful. What are your expectations ?

  • White furniture LOVE

    If I could I will clean and simplify our entire house in January! In the evening I try to plan the whole new year ahed, set the tasks and things I would like to change….

  • SOFT and COSY

    What’re your essentials for a comfortable winter cold day?

  • Chill zone for kids

    What do you think about modern take on Moroccan style, with Rafa-kids low to the ground A teen bed? I connected it all together with low baskets, rugs and floor pillows. It has warmed up the entire space.

  • TEA TIME in children’s room

    When I go for a walk, my son always brings back some wooden sticks, stones, and leaves, to play with at home. There is so much charm in natural colors and textures, and it is so inspiring to bring them back into a child’s room.

  • Toddler room in dark tones

    Let’s create a playful and cosy room for your child with R toddler bed in dark chocolate.

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