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  • Summer Time

    Kijkduin Strand it’s a lovely beach, very calm with not many visitors. You will find there just a few beach houses and restaurants where you can eat and get a drink, and a long relaxed cost line for walking.

  • Rafa-kids Feature in Darlinghurst home – Australia

    Seeing Rafa-kids design in real spaces is one of the best parts of running our family business. Sometimes it’s a bit more special because we have a chance to discover a home decorated by the professional interior stylist.

  • Making of Rafa-kids H wardrobe

    We kept asking ourself and our kids what are the problems a wardrobe needs to solve? How to make it work playfully so a child will be happy to use it? Can we make it lower than the most available wardrobes on the market but still manage to fit a lot of storage?

  • Our Unique Table from Lakewood Creations

    One of our biggest dreams was to have a long, beautiful table. We imagined our family life rolling around it. We kept looking for 3,5 m long wooden table, but somehow we hit the wall.

  • Toddler Room Makeover with Mika

    I discovered a mom of two Mika on Instagram. On her account liep.et.to.the.moon she shares ideas how to decorate kids’ rooms. Lately she was busy with creating her 3 years olds son’s room, so I ask her if she could share with us some insides about it.

  • Storage Ideas for Kid’s Room

    Most kids’ rooms are not the biggest in the house, which makes it extra challenging to accommodate smart storage. Plenty of LEGO blocks was our biggest struggle…

  • Into the Jungle – Dinosaur theme in children’s rooms

    I find it a bit difficult to accommodate the Dinosaur theme in children’s room without being too kitschy and tasteless. That’s why I want you to show a few fabulous modern examples of children’s rooms with this theme and give you some decorating tips.

  • Why room sharing by siblings is a good idea

    There is so many things you need to deal with when you live in one space with your siblings but as a long-term solution, I think room-sharing is something to be grateful for in life rather than try to avoid it.

  • Q&A – Victoria mom of three from Berlin, Germany

    Victoria style is cozy, timeless and modern. Her creativity and ideas how to decorate home never run out…..

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