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  • Discover City with Kids – Rotterdam – part 1

    I will tell you honestly that it seems to me that Rotterdam is not a city for everyone. You wonder why? It’s a raw, modern city where you need to put an extra effort to discover it – and either you hate it or love it!

  • Modern K desk for a Teener

    K desk appeals to the older public more than we thought in the begging. Nothing wrong about that, and since the desk has a full adult size it actually makes a lot of sense! We feel that a teenager room is actually a perfect spot for this piece of furniture.

  • No more waste – Rafa-kids NEW wood samples

    We used to make our samples from simple wooden blocks. After some time we realized that this creates unnecessary waste as probably most of our customers throw away the wood samples after seeing it. It felt wrong. We wanted to make something good…..

  • RAFA-kids Feature: Family Home in Warsaw

    We are always excited to discover the homes of Rafa-kids customers. This time we would like to show you a beautiful family home in Warsaw, Poland.

  • Nursery room with H Dresser from Rafa-kids

    Are you looking for the perfect furniture for the newborn’s room? Rafa-kids designed the dresser with 8 drawers so you will have enough space for everything….

  • How to create a Minimal Bedroom

    How can we achieve bedroom in a minimal style? I think we receive so much information and stimulation during the day, that our body and mind desperately need rest at the end of the day …..

  • Rafa-kids NEW H WARDROBE : Let’s organize with style

    Children wardrobe is sadly almost always this bulky piece collecting dust in the corner of a room. We wanted to create something not only functional but also looking great and above all to be sure children will use it with joy!

  • ROOM TOUR : Easton’s Nursery

    When we expect a child we would like all the best possible for the baby room, but the true is that we really don’t need that much. And believe me, each year, many toys and accessories will pop in into kids room,  even if we don’t want to….

  • Brands we Love – la cerise sur le gateau

    I’m always in a hunt for cool bedding for my sons. I found it particularly challenging to find stylish and timeless design.

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