Rafa-kids beds are designed to fit with each other.  
Watch the VIDEO to see how playful and flexible this collection really is.

The unique quality of Rafa-kids furniture lies not only in the modern esthetics, best material, and exceptional detailing. The beds, desks, benches, and shelves work brilliantly together as sets. The original Rafa-kids design: F&R bed set is a perfect example of it. Designed for our own two boys, the beds needed to be flexible, space efficient and beautiful of course. That is 3-times CHECK. Toddler bed rolls on its two wheels and can be set fitting under the upper F bunk bed. You can roll it out between the ladders or set it perpendicularly for two children to see each other.
Third bed in the collection: the A teen bed fits under the upper bunk too. A75 teen bed fits between the ladders like a glove. Bigger versions can be set in the other direction. Perfect for older children as a day or guest bed.
We have designed the full-size K desk to match esthetically the A teen beds. They form together a perfect set for teens and young adults. Another set of bed and workspace is the R toddler bed with B table. Both bed and table have a perfect size for a young toddler but are big enough to be used till the age of 7-8. This high quality furniture will stay in perfect shape for years making it a worthwhile and conscious investment.
Our smaller shelves, stools, and benches complement the collection on all fronts. Benches double as little tables for the youngest. They fit perfectly the beds as side and night tables. Shelves are extremely functional above the bed to put a lamp, book, and a glass of water. Bigger models will suit your book collection and can be used to hang clothes and accessories. Lastly, the H dresser and wardrobe will complete your child’s room. Functional and beautiful they are a crucial part of the three necessary pieces you need to furnish your kid’s space. A bed, desk, and wardrobe. Dress it up with our elegant shelves and the transformation is a success!
Stylish, long-lasting modern space for children to play and parents to be proud of.
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