F&R bed – set for 2 kids

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Are your children sharing a bedroom? Our boys needed two beds in one room, and that’s when we came up with this great sleeping solution. F&R set will help you to make the most of your space. Create a dream room which is not only practical but looks oh so beautiful.

Both beds are sold also separately. Buying them in a set you save €100.



Two beds to play with:
Space saver – both beds under each other. Cozy and compact.
Extended – roll out the R toddler bed between the ladders of the upper bunk. For longer but narrow rooms.
90 degrees – kids can see and throw cushions at each other. Fun and playful.
See you later – roll the R toddler bed to another corner of the room. Extra space under the F bunk bed to play!


You have four choices.
Stunning NATURAL birch wood.
Warm WHITEWASH with visible wood nerves.
The elegant matte tone of WHITE.
Graphic BLACK – a real statement.

All beautifully double lacquered. Excellent protection and easy to clean the little dirty fingerprints. And don’t forget. All made of extra-thick Finish birch plywood – famous for its strength.


Materials: 100% Finnish Birch plywood 
Size: 95cm wide, 205cm long, total height: 162cm
Distance from floor to bed base: 122cm
Distance between the beds: 79cm
Weight: F bunk bed 90kg; R toddler bed 35kg
Finish: Natural, Whitewash, White, Dark chocolate

The F bunk bed is for children from 6 years old, The R toddler bed for children age 3+.

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