Sheep Wool Blanket Black & White

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Rafa-kids are glad to have in their collection a product that has timeless value and looks modern at the same time. The perfect wool blanket is to be showcased prominently at home, either as a full bedspread or for relaxation in the living room or the kids’ room.

The black&white graphic design is made by Finish family business whose history in the textile industry stretches back to their first factory in 1917. This product tells a story of true values and respect for craft and nature.

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100% pure new wool



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Technical information

Designers: Masaru Suzuki
Brand: Lapuan Kankurit
Materials: 100%Wool
Size: 130×180 cm
Made in Finland

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We are busy producing this gorgeous piece of furniture, and make sure to ship it within 3-4 weeks. Don't wait and order when ready since first come, first serve. For specific delivery dates - email us here