with Rafa-kids

The moment we received a special delivery for our new bench samples in all four different wood finishes, we wanted to dance in our studio from happiness! Not only because we could see all the colors and how the benches look like for the first time, but there was also time for new pictures. Exciting!

White B bench was the first one we decided to play with. We imagined it in a cozy room, with Rafa-kids A teen bed and L shelf, styled with beautiful textures of wool, felt and linen. For this photoshoot, we used the colors that match the winter season so well: blue, grey and white. As our L shelf has a metal rod to hang some of the favorite garments, we went chasing for some cool, trendy clothes.

We’re so glad we managed to capture this calm, cozy mood. Just looking at the pictures makes you so relaxed, can you feel it as well? The white furniture, walls and floor give such a great base for this room, allowing to create your own individual world. I hope you also like this wonderful Grizzly carpet and baskets, which are all hand made in Nepal, and they are part of our Rafa-kids collection.

Rafa-kids Felt baskets
Rafa-kids L shelf and B bench WHITE 01
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