with the F&A bed set

For this photoshoot, we set our Rafa-kids F&A bed set in two different wood finishes for the first time. Doesn’t it look even more stunning and playful than the beds in the same tone? This way you can create a separate atmosphere on the upper and lower beds.

If this F&A set is owned by one child, the lower A teen bed can be used for lying, sitting or chilling out during the day and the upper part can be used as the sleeping zone (then you don’t need to make the bed each day!) and of course, it works great for your children’s sleepovers.
Many of our customers ask what is the difference between the whitewash and natural wood finish. We hope you can see this on the pictures – the whitewash has a warm tone but the wooden structure is hardly visible, and the natural finish reveals more details of the wood.

Rafa-kids F&A bed whitewash with felt ball
Rafa-kids F&A whitewash and 120 B bench
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