Rafa-kids A120 teen bed

We started our brand with the design of two beds – F bunk bed and R toddler bed. It was something that we needed for our boys at that time, who shared a single room. Time flies and the kids grow, right? In the meantime, our customers also started to ask for a larger bed which could fit under the Rafa-kids bunk bed. We listened. The 200cm long A75 teen bed was a great new addition to the family. However, the questions about even a larger bed kept coming. We listened again. That is when our A120 wide bed, which you can still fit under the F bunk bed was born. As sleek as the original teen bed, it provides you extra plenty of space for comfort.

Rafa-kids A120 teen bed Yellow02F
Rafa-kids A120 teen bed Yellow05
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