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S swing

Enjoy our new playful S swing. Simple, fun and safe. This little design piece based on our R toddler bed wheel was tested extensively in our studio. So much fun for the kids as well as for ourselves!

First class Finish birch seat is protected with a double layer of transparent lacquer making it great to use indoors as well as outside. The rubber band around makes it very pleasant to use and safer when bumped against something. We have chosen the softest kind of rope in yellow and black that could easily hold an elephant!

Attach it to a tree, attic beam or ceiling and try to get your kids off it!

Swing seat is 230mm diameter and 21mm thick
Comes with 4m rope
Weight capacity: 120kg
Ages 3+

Designer:       Agata & Arek Seredyn

Brand:           Rafa-kids

Country:        Netherlands

Material          100% Finnish Birch plywood (21mm thick)

Availability:  IN STOCK

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