Children beds – that is how Rafa-kids started. We have designed the first bunk bed for our two boys and the rest is history. Rafa-kids children’s bed collection starts with the iconic F bunk bed. This top bunk bed is a full-size single person’s bed for children from 6 years of age.

The unique feature is its flexibility. It has two ladders that make possible to place it in any corner of a room. It is also sustainable since we do not have to produce additional mirror models. We have designed the bed so that it takes as little space in a room as possible. It looks light and elegant. A piece that can really transform your children’s room.

As all of our furniture, this bed is made of sustainably sourced birch plywood from Finland. It is the best quality wood you can find. Strong, beautifully clean and long-lasting.

All our beds are beautifully detailed. You see no connectors, the corners are elegant, even the mattress support has a playful pattern. Construction is extra strong and can support a child and parent easily.

Our second bed is the R toddler bed. It is designed for children age 3+. The bed has wheels at one side so that parent can move it around. Flexible and fun. The bed is high enough to store baskets and toys under it. Sideboards are extra high to protect children from falling. R toddler bed fits perfectly under the F bunk bed making it a very compact solution for two siblings sharing a room. Together they form F&R bed set. Extensively tested and enjoyed by our sons.

The latest addition to Rafa-kids bed collection is the A teen bed. Very minimal and elegant bed for early teens up to adults.

This bed takes minimum space in the room and can also be used as a day bed or guest bed. We have three sizes of the minimal A teen bed. The A75 which fits under the F bunk bed. The A90 which is standard single person size. The A120 is extra wide and comfy. Both A90 and A120 fit under the F bunk bed in the perpendicular direction.

The F&A bed sets are great for a bit older children. Often used as a solution for sleeping on the upper bed and having a day bed under. Also, great for kids having friends sleeping over a lot. Rafa-kids bed collection is in essence 3 beds: The F bunk bed, The R toddler bed and the A teen bed. Because they are designed to fit with each other a parent can choose to have one bed first and add another one once children grow up. The beds form a smart and functional collection that can grow with your children. They also look great and are enjoyed by children and parents alike.

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