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Let us take you on a journey. We will show you how our furniture is made – from an idea to the finished product.

Play, grow, create

Do you also feel that children’s furniture can be often too childish and uninspiring? We think it can be different and strongly believe that kids appreciate design and style more than we even realise.

At Rafa-kids we create unique products to stimulate children’s creativity and growth. Elegant yet playful furniture that will spark our kids’ imagination!

Let us take you on a journey. We will show you how our furniture is made – from an idea to the finished product.


Being architects we are used to tackling extremely demanding projects and clients. Designing furniture for our children was by no means an easier task.
We absolutely enjoy the design process and spend plenty of time to create furniture that checks all the boxes. Aesthetics, functionality, detailing, even packaging. Designing it takes time and we never rush to finish. Properly designed piece is not only a joy to look at. It becomes a modern design classic that our clients and their children will enjoy for years.

We have the best job ever, because it is also our great passion!


Here our designs become reality. Being quality obsessed, it was not easy to find a manufacturing partner for our furniture. We joined forces with a Polish company which has 30 years of experience in producing prime quality products like Vitra furniture. And that’s where the magic happens! Ultra-modern machinery is combined here with, so difficult to find these days, craftsmanship. A battery of latest CNC machines (Computer Numerically Controlled) produces our furniture. This technology helps us to reduce material waste to minimum – so important for the environment. And since the Finnish plywood we have chosen is so unique and hard to come by, we treat every bit of it with an extreme care. Sustainably sourced, premium quality European Birch plywood was for us a natural choice. It is strong, flexible and its light tones are absolutely stunning.

We say no to chipboards and MDF!

Every piece of our furniture goes than from one hand to another being sanded, polished and controlled. Most of connectors are also installed at the factory so that the assembly at our customers’ homes is fun and not a torture. To finish it up, the furniture goes through an automated paint process. The best class, safe, water-based Scandinavian lacquers are the icing on the cake.

Intelligent and Efficient

First class
material and finish

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Delivering to your doorstep

We are so fortunate to be chosen by clients from around the world. That made us also realise that our furniture has to be able to travel safely even very, very far from our spot in Rotterdam. That meant for us: intelligent, flat packaging. It is also another element in our ongoing stride to reduce the ecological footprint. Compact packages take less space to store and transport.

No empty boxes filled with air bubbles!

Once the boxes are unpacked, get your kids to help and put your Rafa-kids pieces together. The smart assembly system we use will make it a fun and memorable experience. You might need to move houses, change or resell the furniture in the future. That’s where choosing prime quality wooden furniture pays dividend again. Your furniture stays in great shape even after few disassembles. Enjoy your playful and beautiful designs, that will last for many years. And please feel welcome to contact us and let us know if you have any questions about our products!

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