K desk is an elegant full-size desk with some hidden extras. The lid of the desk opens and closes with soft-close dampers. Handy for the little fingers not to get hurt. The creative mess can stay closed inside and the desk clean and elegant outside. The desk has a 75cm hight perfect for little students and their parents as well. A chair fits perfectly but the Rafa-kids X stool complements the desk gorgeously.
The new B table is a smaller desk for children age 3+. It is perfect for your toddler and pre-schooler. Model with drawers is extra practical having two wide, soft-closing drawers for all your child’s pencils and crayons. A unique feature is the rotatable table top. White on one side and black on the other. Simply rotate it for a different look. No screws! This table has all connectors preassembled making the assembly a real fun.
Rafa-kids benches fit the shape of the table perfectly. A beautiful set for your little ones.
The X stool was designed for the Rafa-kids K desk but is so much more than just a stool. Lots of parents use it as a night table next to the beds for example. At our own house, it is used everywhere. It is elegant but very strong and robust. Kids play on it, sit, stand and dance. A real multifunctional piece of furniture that stays home for generations.
The benches are designed to fit with the B table as well as with our beds. They have classic lines and are strong and sturdy – Rafa-kids signature characteristics. Our benches fit under the F bunk bed, next to the R toddler bed and A teen bed. They work great as tables for smaller children, benches and side tables for older ones.
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