Rafa-kids storage furniture completes the iconic and elegant collection for modern children interiors. The wardrobe, dresser, coming soon bookcase and console are very practical yet beautiful solutions to a great problem of storage in a children room. We know from own experience how much stuff we accumulate once a new family member arrives. First baby clothes and little toys. Then books, sports equipment, and toys, toys, toys everywhere.

The most challenging is to get your kids to clean up and organize their things. It doesn’t surprise us since it is a properly dull daily task.
Can furniture help us in making this routine a bit more exciting? We believe it can and Rafa-kids storage furniture is proof of that.

The H wardrobe is not oversized but just big enough to be practical yet accessible. The hight matches exactly the hight of Rafa-kids F bunk bed. It is not a coincidence. The 160cm is a good hight to still reach the top, put a basket or a ball away. The wardrobe is comfortably 60cm deep and 120cm wide. Divided into two equal sections it features a rail to hang clothes, two deep soft-closing drawers and plenty of shelf space. Sliding doors are extremely functional and require no extra space in front. One of the sliding doors has shelfs resembling Rafa-kids XL shelf. A fantastic feature transforming the wardrobe into display furniture for your child’s next day outfit or any other favorite collections.

The H dresser is a chest of eight comfortable drawers with an extra rack above. This additional top element adds so many possibilities. You can hang a mobile to entertain your baby while changing diapers. The rack is, of course, perfect to display favorite pieces or outfits for the next day. What about hanging there a mirror just on the right hight for makeup or careful application of tones of gel for our high schoolers.
The H dresser has eight spacious, soft-closing drawers. Sea of space for storage. Top of the chest is on the right hight for changing babies nappies, but also for putting away books or displaying photos when kids are older.
The frame has the same hight as our H wardrobe and F bunk bed.

The storage collection is designed to match with any of other Rafa-kids products. The birch plywood frame follows the forms of our beds, benches, and tables. The white body with drawers and shelves is coated with durable laminate to keep it in perfect conditions for years. The furniture will serve you for years to come. It functions extremely well in first baby years. Stays strong through demanding toddler period. The display features and timeless aesthetic makes it a great piece in any teen room.

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