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M shelf

What are your children favourite treasures? Would you like to give them a special place in a room? Well, we have something for you to display them beautifully!  Unique and functional shelf with curved wood details.

High quality finish and playful elements are trademarks of Rafa-kids’ design.  This time we added a metal plate with 3 metal hangers to the shelf, so it is easy to hang a backpack, jacket or some little accessories  – just imagine all the possibilities to use this shelf around your house.

M shelf is a perfect addition to our K desk and X stool. It creates a practical working corner for your child or for yourself.

Designer:       Agata & Arek Seredyn

Brand:            Rafa-kids

Country:         The Netherlands

Material :        100% Finnish Birch plywood and powder coated metal

Dimension:     70x35cm; 15cm deep

Colours :

NATURAL (white backboard natural birch wood shelves)

WHITE (white backboard and white shelves)

metal elements : white , black, yellow

Availability: NATURAL SOLD OUT – please pre-order for the delivery begging of April. 

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