Furniture – that is what Rafa-kids is very good at. The furniture collection started with a set of beds for our own children. Naturally, the collection grows with our children and the children of our customers.

Clients kept asking for a desk and that is how the K desk came about. It is an elegant full-size desk with some hidden extras. The lid of the desk opens and closes with soft-close dampers. Handy for the little fingers not to get hurt.

The creative mess can stay closed inside and the desk clean and elegant outside. The X stool was designed with the desk but is so much more than just a stool. Lots of parents use it as a night table next to the beds for example. At our own house, it is used everywhere. It is elegant but very strong and robust. Kids play on it, sit, stand and dance. A real multifunctional piece of furniture that stays home for generations.

New B table is about to join our product family. It is a smaller desk for children age 3+. This new table works perfectly with our benches. B90 and BB90 bench are designed to fit with the desk as well as with our beds. They have classic lines and are strong and sturdy – Rafa-kids signature characteristics. Our benches fit under the F bunk bed, next to the R toddler bed and A teen bed. They work great as tables for smaller children, benches and side tables for older ones.

Last but not least is the collection of our very popular shelves. In four sizes: the S, M, L and XL shelves are models for all sort of purposes.

S shelf is the smallest, designed as a night shelf next to the bed. Perfect to put a night lamp, a book, glass of water. M shelf works like a dream by the desk for example. It has additional metal hooks to hang a backpack or a hat. L shelf is the deepest model with a metal rod. Very handy to hang your favorite garments. XL is the biggest. Perfect to display your child’s collections of toys, books or magazines.

Rafa-kids furniture collection is almost complete. Choose your favorite bed, desk and storage. The essential pieces of furniture in a bedroom. Add a bench to create a little reading or play corner. Choose one of our shelves to give a proper place to the favorite toys, cuddles, and books.

The long-anticipated storage furniture for children’s room is finally here. Wardrobe, and dresser to start with. The Rafa-kids H wardrobe is a new type of storage that is not only very practical, but also elegant and playful. The dresser is a timeless piece of furniture that will work in nursery but also in a teenager’s room. New bookcase and console are next models we work on. This last addition will complete the collection and will give you the possibility to furnish the entire room.

All Rafa-kids furniture is Eco-friendly, strong, safe, and build for years. Our furniture will help you transform your kids’ room to match the quality interiors of the rest of your house. Truly enjoyed by kids and pleasant for parents to look at.

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