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L shelf

Unique and functional shelf with metal rods.

We designed this shelf with the aim that it would grow with the needs of your child. At the beginning, it could be used in a baby nursery above a commode. You can store the necessary accessories on it and display special baby clothes. In a toddler room, L shelf would help to present little toys and favourite wardrobe garments. In a teenager room the L shelf would be a functional and beautiful element too.

L shelf is a perfect addition to our B bench and BB bench. It creates a practical storage corner for your child or for yourself.

Designer:       Agata & Arek Seredyn

Brand:            Rafa-kids

Country:         The Netherlands

Material :        100% Finnish Birch plywood and powder coated metal

Dimension:     90x45cm; 20cm deep

Colours :

NATURAL (white backboard natural birch wood shelves)

WHITE (white backboard and white shelves)

metal elements : white , black, yellow

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