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R toddler bed details

Bed size:
length: 155cm
width: 75cm
total height: 60cm
distance from floor to bed base: 24cm
distance from floor to mattress top: 43cm

Bed weight: 35kg

Mattress (optional)
mattress length: 150cm
mattress width: 70cm
max. mattress height: 14cm

Materials: 100% Finnish Birch plywood (21mm thick)
Finish: natural (two layers of best class water-based Scandinavian lacquer)
white wash (water-based stain and top layer of lacquer)
white NEW (water lacquer)
dark chocolate (water-based stain and top layer of lacquer)

Stable and robust
Conform EU safety norms
Compact packaging
Easy assembly

Recommended for ages from 3 years.

We are pleased to present our modern, playful and functional toddler bed. We know well the moment in time — when a child has outgrown his crib, a huge step in life! That’s why we created a bed that encourages your child’s independence whilst also stimulating his growth through play. We see a child’s bed not only as a place to sleep but also as a challenging and beautiful element of his room. So here we go! Functional, safe and at the same time good looking  – the R toddler bed.

Let’s play and move it around!

The elevated sides of the bed are made for safety, but perforated with holes, allowing the kid to play with it and look around. The wheels are added not only for the functional reasons but also to add a joyful element to the bed. Adult persons can easy move the bed from one place to another. The bed bases have round holes for proper ventilation, a fun element for children to look at and play with, when the mattress is not there. The bed is lifted from the ground with the aim of using the space under for smart storage. A child can easily get in and out of the bed, as tested extensively on our 2 years old son!

We also recommend for this bed: fitted cotton sheets and waterproof mattress protector

Bedding sets for toddler bed : Umbrellas , Raindrops and linen collection : white, blue , grey and orange

Check mr. Inka Snake: a great soft toy and bed bumper in one.

Dimensions:    155 cm x 75cm  ( klick on the tab details on top for more technical info )

The bed comes flat packed, with tools required for assembly included.

We recommend the toddler bed for children from age 3.

Designer:       Agata & Arek Seredyn

Brand:           Rafa-kids

Country:        Netherlands

Material:        100% Finnish Birch plywood (21mm thick)

Colours :     natural – whitewash – dark chocolate – white

Availability : IN STOCK 


Rafa-kids selected a premium quality children’s mattress for our R toddler bed. It has excellent orthopedic and ventilation qualities of cold HR foam. Hypo-allergenic Aloe Vera mattress cover with 3-side zipper is washable in 60° helping to keep the mattress clean and hygienic. Price 125€. We have in our collection fitted cotton sheets for this mattress. 

price for our non EU clients  without 21% VAT : 595€