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F&A bed - set for 2 kids

Do your children share a single room? The younger one would like to have a bunk bed and the older needs a teen bed already?  Then the Rafa-kids F&A set is for you. These two modern beds are in adult size and can be used for many years.

The F bunk bed is recommended for children from 6 year old, the A teen bed for children from age 8.

The F bunk bed is a great space saver and A teen bed fits perfectly underneath it. Children can enjoy the bed during the day because there is enough comfort space under the bunk bed to sit on it, read and to use the bunk bed wall to hang some personal accessories. This bed can also be located somewhere else in the room, leaving space under the bunk bed for other children’s activities. When the A teen bed is standing under the bunk bed, the two ladders provide extra protection from falling, making it possible to use even for younger kids. The bed is designed for an older child, who doesn’t need site protection any more, so it can stand apart too. A&F set for two children is modern, functional and elegant furniture, which you can enjoy for many years.

For more information about each of the beds – please have a look at the individual descriptions:

F bunk bed, A teen bed

Designer:       Agata & Arek Seredyn

Brand:           Rafa-kids

Country:        Netherlands

Material:       100% Finnish Birch plywood (21mm thick)

Colours :     natural – whitewash – dark chocolate – white

Availability : IN STOCK

price for our non EU clients  without 21% VAT : 1.933€