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  • Rafa-kids F&A120 bed set

    Room tour – Siblings sharing a bedroom

    Brothers in one room ? It can be a challenge to accommodate all their needs. Victoria created a cozy room for her boys with Rafa-kids furniture, which I find very inspiring.

  • Start New Year with clean home and mind.

    How are you in the new decade? Are you feeling fresh and ready or rather a bit in a fog of things? After two weeks of family time, Rafa-kids is slowly getting back on track.

  • Thank you – 2019

    The year 2019 is going to end tomorrow. In the spirit of releasing the old and embracing the new, I believe its good to look back through last year and high light the special moments — not only as a Rafa-kids brand but also as a family. 

  • Dresser which your child won’t Outgrow

    It’s impossible to create one kids’ room, which will last for many years. It needs to be changed according to the child’s development and interest. But there is hope! And we can enjoy watching this process without breaking the bank while decorating their room!

  • Modern Girl room with furniture from Rafa-kids

    When Victoria was planning her daughter’s room, she asks me if I think the romantic style her daughter loves will match well with Rafa-kids’ minimal aesthetic. I was over the moon to say – YES!

  • Rafa-kids B table White

    When we design furniture for children, we always keep in mind that kids’ furniture should not be hidden!

  • The Perfect S Shelf solution

    The S shelf was meant to match perfectly the loft bed. Why? It’s long and narrow, which is essential when you put it directly above the sleeping area.

  • Rafa-kids Feature in the whiteshute lane residence – UK

    I’m always excited to share with you inspiring family homes where I spotted Rafa-kids design. This time it was a very unexpected discovery. Do you know Kid & Coe concept?

  • Rafa-kids at Kind+Jugend Cologne

    The great part of the deal with Kind+Jugend was that Rafa-kids could present furniture at Design PARK. The organizers offered us an excellent exhibition spot with a few other design brands….

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