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  • Rafa-kids F&A120 bed set

    Room tour – Siblings sharing a bedroom

    Brothers in one room ? It can be a challenge to accommodate all their needs. Victoria created a cozy room for her boys with Rafa-kids furniture, which I find very inspiring.

  • Room tour – Caspian’s toddler Star Gazer

    Sarah, mom of twins, Caspian + Quill from Melbourne, Australia, said: “It’s only taken me 4 years to embrace blue for boys! ” but the end effect is fantastic! Let’s have a look.

  • Quills sunshine themed bedroom

    Sarah, mom of toddler twins Caspian and Quill, shows us today that the gender-neutral bedroom themes are clearly cute, individualised, and functional.

  • Rafa-kids Feature in the whiteshute lane residence – UK

    I’m always excited to share with you inspiring family homes where I spotted Rafa-kids design. This time it was a very unexpected discovery. Do you know Kid & Coe concept?

  • Toddler Room Makeover with Mika

    I discovered a mom of two Mika on Instagram. On her account liep.et.to.the.moon she shares ideas how to decorate kids’ rooms. Lately she was busy with creating her 3 years olds son’s room, so I ask her if she could share with us some insides about it.

  • Storage Ideas for Kid’s Room

    Most kids’ rooms are not the biggest in the house, which makes it extra challenging to accommodate smart storage. Plenty of LEGO blocks was our biggest struggle…

  • ROOM TOUR : Easton’s Nursery

    When we expect a child we would like all the best possible for the baby room, but the true is that we really don’t need that much. And believe me, each year, many toys and accessories will pop in into kids room,  even if we don’t want to….

  • A small room for two children

    Parens often ask if they should keep kids in the same room, or should try to create two different spaces for both of them?

  • Room tour : Boys bedrooms in Bonnie’s Dream Home

    Bonnie admits that designing rooms for their four boys was the biggest challenge of the project.

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