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  • A small room for two children

    Parens often ask if they should keep kids in the same room, or should try to create two different spaces for both of them?

  • Toddler’s Play Table

    The cute Luca on the pictures is not even two years old, so the bench is still too big for him to sit on! But just in a few years, he will be ready, and it will be perfect next to his bed as a side table, or a bench next to his first desk.

  • Weekend activity with kids: Apple Picking

    I’m aware of the fact that my kids grow in Rotterdam so this sort of experience is not an everyday possibility. That’s why I like to escape from the city from time to time.

  • How to create a room for preteen boy | planning

    He is in his pre-teen years, still acting like a boy and not a teenager. I want to create a room that he can grow into in the coming years and most importantly express his personality. 

  • Rafa-kids NEW Bed Rail for A teen beds

    The A rail is a safe barrier for the A Teen bed that will guard your children’s sleep, and keep them company during the waking creative hours.

  • Kids’ Playroom – Let’s cook!

    Inspired by kids fascination for cooking we created small toddler kitchen corner with Rafa-kids furniture.

  • Color Inspiration : Autumn Mood

    Let’s roll under a blanket with a hot chocolate, and adore this interesting children’s rooms with cosy atmosphere, so perfect for this season….

  • Rafa-kids Feature : House in Sweden

    Having a chance to see the surrounding from each room of the house is beautiful, we are so jealous! Scroll down to see….

  • white

    Why Linen Bedding is a good choice

    Linen is a strong natural textile with a beautiful shimmer, breathing and dirt repellent quality….

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